Company Name: Dan Coughlin Software

Whether Dan is building web applications at an enterprise level, writing small applications to automate the boring bits, or just making wood shavings with a chisel and a mallet, his passion is making things and watching them come to life.

Provided: Logo Design  |  Business Card Design

Company Name: Lithotone

Print it, pack it, store it, ship it! Lithotone is an extension of your team. 

Provided: Rebranding Logo Design

Company Name: Sincerely Rose

One-of-a-kind handmade stitched greeting cards.

Provided: Logo Design


Creating the link between print and digital SPRECHAR connects you to your favorite sports and hobbies via augmented reality.

Provided: Logo Design

Company Name: Janet Tonyan Art

Chicago artist, Janet Tonyan, is dedicated to details within a larger image; each line and shape exists in relation to another.

Provided: Business Card Design

*The back of the card features a Janet Tonyan Art Original!

Company Name: Crystal Lake Travel

A quick weekend for two, an extended journey with the kids, or a family reunion… you want your vacation to go smoothly without any unnecessary interruptions or inconveniences. 

Provided: Commemorative Logo Design

Let’s take on your next branding project together!

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