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General Questions:

What is a letterpress invitation suite and what makes it special?

Letterpress is a centuries old printing method. Each letterpress invitation is printed by hand on thick, luxurious cotton paper using an antique printing press printing one color at a time. At Stack Creative we print on a Peerless press.

The difference between a standard digitally printed invitation and a letterpress invitation is a crisp printed design and a deep, tactile impression that you can see and feel. This type of printing method really sets the tone for the big day itself. The deep impressions create a drastic look that adds character and a luxurious feel. In comparison to digital printing, which has an overall smooth touch and feel, letterpress ultimately takes printing to the next level.

How long does the process take?

Our semi custom design process takes about 1 to 3 weeks depending on the edits requested. The timeline begins when the 50% deposit has been received and we have all necessary information and wording.

Letterpress printing is done by hand on centuries old letterpress printing equipment. Printing typically takes 2-3 weeks. We are able to print quicker if needed, a rush fee will apply.

Please keep in mind that the timeline for design and production greatly depends on the scope of the project.

General Cost Info

Due to the custom nature of each project, we are not able to give a blanket cost for wedding invitations. Many factors contribute to the cost of the invitations suite including printing methods, number of inserts, quantity, or material (specialty ink/paper/envelopes) etc.

Typically, a wedding invitation from our Semi Custom Suites begins at $1,800. This includes an invitation, reply card & envelope, and outer envelope for a quantity of 100. Many clients fall into the range of $1,800 and $3,000 depending on special requests.

If you are looking for something completely custom pricing typically starts at $3,000+.

What's the difference between Semi Custom and Custom Design?

You can see our collection of semi custom designs here. These options offer a lower investment level, with minimal design edits. The minimum pricing for an invitation, single insert card for web reply and details, and an outer envelope of 100 generally begins at $1,600. Many clients opt for an invitation, details insert, rsvp insert and envelope and outer envelope. This suite starts at $1800.00.

If you are looking for a custom design from scratch timeline difference and price at $3000 +. We’ll begin by understanding your vision (via phone, email, visual inspiration boards – whatever you need) From our initial conversation we’ll be able to present a rough proposal of costs and a timeline. Designs typically take 2 to 3 weeks. We will refine the design until you feel it’s absolutely perfect. Once the design is confirmed we will send over proofs. After proofs are approved, we order the letterpress plates. Printing for custom projects takes about 3 weeks.

Can I order more invitations at a later date?

Short answer is, yes. Long answer is – it is substantially more expensive than ordering extras up front. This is because each print run is done by hand and incurs setup costs/preparation. We highly recommend 10-15 extra invites to be sure to account for wrong addresses, last minute additions, keepsakes as well as, a set for your photographer to document the day of.

When should I order invites?

The sooner the better! As soon as you have confirmed the date, time, location, food choices (if applicable) and a few other details, we would love to hear from you.

How many invites do I order?

Remeber you are ordering invites per household. You may have a guest list of 300 but that doesn’t mean you need 300 invitations. You need one invite per household (think one per couple, one invite per family with children under 18, etc.)

It’s always a good idea to order 10-15 extra to have on hand.

I found a design online can you create it for me?

We will not copy another artist’s work. If you are wanting to use a photo as inspiration or an example of a printing method, we are completely open to that.

I have designed my own wedding invitation/I am a designer, will you print for me?

Absolutely, let’s talk through the project.

Personalization Options:


Are envelopes included?

Yes, blank white envelopes are included with the price of the wedding invitation. If you have chosen to include a reply card in your suite  blank reply envelopes will be included. Addressing options and additional colors are available at an additional charge.

Can I order extra envelopes?

Thinking of addressing by hand or just looking to have a few extras? No problem, we can order extras.

Are colors customizable?

Yes! The paper and ink can be customized to your vision. If you have something you are hoping to color match to please provide a sample.

What type of paper do you use?

Letterpress wedding invitations are printed on 100% cotton letterpress paper. Available paper colors: white, navy, blush and black. Double thick weight is an additional cost (please note double thick weight will affect the cost of postage).

Specific paper options can be ordered at an extra cost.

Can I mix and match paper colors?


Can I use my own wording?

Yes, of course!

You can check out some traditional wording for wedding invations here.

Can I change fonts?

Semi custom design suites do not allow for font changes.

We can choose alternative fonts in the fully custom designs.

Can you make an additional accessories to match my design?

Don’t see something you need to add for your big day on our website? No problem, let us know what you need and we would be happy to whip up a custom design.


Can I cancel my stationary order before it prints?

We get it, things happen! We want you to LOVE your wedding suite. Stationery orders can be canceled prior to the final proof approval.

Can I cancel my stationery order after final proof approval?

Once your order is approved for print, it immediately goes into plate production and cannot be canceled, returned, or refunded.

The Proofing Process:

What’s included in the proofing process?

The proofing process includes up to five rounds of proofs. The first round is based off the wording and colors submitted in your order and remaining are revisions to the design.

Change requests beyond the complimentary revision rounds are invoiced at an extra cost. You will be notified if there will be extra charges *not into surprises here.

What kind of final proofs will I recieve?

Electronic PDF proofs will be emailed for you to review for final approval.

All monitors display color differently. Your printed stationery may not match exactly what you have seen on your computer screen. We are unable to accept returns based on color for this reason. If you are concerned about the colors we highly recommend ordering a sample set or sending us a color sample.

Can I switch designs during proofing?

Yes, each design switch will count towards one of the five proof revision rounds.

What if I find a typo on my stationery?

Your stationery will be printed exactly as shown on the final approved proofs. Should you find an error on your stationery, please contact us. We can offer a discounted reprint for customer approved errors.

Please note that we cannot accept returns due to errors on approved proofs.

If your printed stationery does not match your approved proof, please contact us immediately and we will reprint free of charge.

Assembly Questions:

Will my stationery arrive assembled?

Typically, wedding invitations and save the dates ship flat and require assembly. For an additional cost the invitation suite can be assembled for you.

What order do you assemble invitations?

Invitation, large enclosure, response envelope, small enclosure and then the belly band. Check out a sample here.

When do I send the invites out?

Typically, invites go out 6-8 weeks in advance of the wedding. 


How do I figure out postage?

We highly recommend taking an assembled invitation to the post office to be officially weighed before purchasing and applying postage.

Double thick stationery, stationery that includes a ribbon, or other additional items will likely require extra postage.

Highly recommend hand cancelled postage!

We highly recommend having all stationery hand-cancelled at the post office. When mailing stationery on double thick stock and/or tied with ribbon, non-machineable postage is required. These services have to be requested in person at the post office. Additional fees will apply for non-machineable postage.

If your suite is on double thick stock and tied with ribbon, you may need to mail your suites via Parcel Post, depending on how the ribbon is tied. Suites that measure more than 1/4” in thickness at any point on the envelope will require Parcel Post mailing. Parcel Post is an additional cost. Non-machineable mailing is NOT required for Parcel Post.

What the heck is hand-cancelling?

Hand-cancelling is what you should request when you take the invitations to the post office. You would ask them to “hand-cancel” the envelopes. This will alert the postal service to manually sort the envelopes rather than put them through the machines.

Please note, while you may request hand-cancellation there is a chance that the postal system may still use the machines to sort mail. Any damage to envelopes or stationery done by the post office is not the responsibility of Stack Creative Wedding Invitations.

Do you offer mailing services?

If this is all too overwhelming and you’d rather let a pro handle it we can certainly assemble and mail at an additional cost.

*Stack Creative is not liable for mishaps with mailing including but not limited to, postage issues, lost mail or non-delivered mail.

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